Creeping on the 2-9

So, it’s coming….the last of my 20’s birthday. The last time I can say I’m “twenty-something” without it being a total lie. I’m welcoming it with open arms, but I will say I’ll be a little sad to know this is it. I don’t dread 30 like most women I know. I am not fighting it off with a “I’m too young to be 30!” attitude or hiding away from it with an “I’ll just stay 29 forever” comment. I’m embracing it. I’ve learned from many women that have already crossed that dreaded bridge that it’s not so bad after all. As a wise woman once said: “You’re 20’s are for making your mistakes, your 30’s are for learning lessons, and your 40’s are for paying for the drinks.” (SATC reference anyone?) So, I suppose I’ll be moving past the BIG mistakes portion of my life and into the time where I start settling into myself.


I feel like you spend your whole 20’s trying to decide who you want to be and defining your uniqueness in the world. By the time 30 rolls around, you are pretty settled on being you. I’m looking forward to 30 the most because that’s my green light to start my family. I think that kind of makes it more exciting than dreaded.

So bring it on, Saturday!! I am not afraid of you!! 🙂


Meanwhile, I’m still trucking along on the weight loss journey, but it’s taking a slow-down lately. I’m currently sitting at a total of 56 pounds lost (yay), but I need to get into the gym and start working out my body to build back up the weight loss timeline as well as get into shape and build up my energy levels. I have a date with my hubby tomorrow to go sign up and get cracking. I read on another blog that I sometimes follow  A Little Blog Told Me  access here:  that you should allow yourself the MONTH of January to fully roll into your New Year’s resolutions so they don’t defeat you within the first week. I’ve decided this is great advice because it’s so true. So, the last week of January I’m finally hitting up the gym. Hey, better late than never, right?

I’ve been really toying with the idea of adding a fashion element to this blog. I have always loved everything about fashion. Clothes, shoes, accessories…YES PLEASE!! It’s kind of always been my thing. Everyone has shopped in my closet since I was 12 and somehow they haven’t stopped yet. Yes, this obsession comes with a real shopping/spending problem, but I’ve tried to put that into check over the past few years. I’m getting better, but losing this much weight has definitely amped up my desire for the threads. (So long tax return! See you in my closet again next year!)

So, what do those of you reading think about this idea? I was thinking I could include tips, advice, OOTD’s  (or outfit of the the day for those of you who are not fashion blog obsessed like myself) and just some general ideas. I’m not a super high fashion dresser. I will never be able to put stripes on top of floral and be ok with it. I cannot put lime green pants on and feel like anything other than an alien, but I think I can muster some pretty safe and sometimes slightly adventurous outfits together. So, if you like this idea or think it could be fun, let me know in the comments section. I will try to post more often if I start a fashion-based blog, so you can expect more updates. I’ll try to share when places are having sales, any coupon codes I come across, and things of that nature. I definitely want you all to share ideas and inspiration with me as well. Many of you I follow on Pinterest, so I can see your inspirations there, but share some actual outfits you put together with me and I’ll share them on the blog as well. You can send them to my email address and tell me a little bit about what you love about the outfit (color, comfort, way it makes you feel, what it accentuates that you love about your body, etc). Now, all I need is a decent photographer and I’ll be set! 🙂 Anyone know one of those???

So, to leave you with something fun, here are a few of the fun fashion blogs I’ve started reading. Most of them are plus-size fashion because that’s what I am, but there are so many different options out there it’s limitless!! Please share some of your favorites with me, too! I am always looking for more inspiration.

Hems for Her (Katie is a teacher and mom to a cute little boy)

A Pinch of Lovely (this is my high school friend Krystal and she is so talented!)

A Little Blog Told Me (Jennifer is a professional plus size model)

Curves and Chaos (Monique is a full-time blogger and freelance writer)

Bombshell Beauty (Sara is so pretty! She has a flair for fun yet practical outfits)

Gabifresh (Gabi ROCKS it on a regular basis. She takes the risks I’m afraid of and I love her for it!)

Check them all out! Please send me your suggestions as well. Plus or not, I love reading anyone’s blog that loves fashion, too!


One thought on “Creeping on the 2-9

  1. Mama says:

    Of COURSE, I’d love the fashion addition! You’ve been dressing me since you were old enough to say “Mama!” (eye roll) “You are NOT wearing that!” 😉

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